Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Summer Holidays


The summer holidays. They happen every year, and every year we seem to get them wrong. We wait so long for them and then when they finally get here they fly by so fast. Why is this?  I have no idea.

So at the beginning of this summer I thought up a list. This was a list of many things that I wanted to do by the end of the summer.  It was my way of planning what I thought was going to be the best summer ever. I had experienced the boring summers spent trapped inside while the rain fell constantly outside, as if it was trying to contain me in my house with my little sisters who wanted to spend everyday playing games and building dens. But this summer was going to be different. It would feel as if it was never ending and I would meet my friends everyday and go to parties and be at the beach constantly. The list was something like this:

  • See friends everyday
  • Have a crazy summer romance
  • Have loads of BBQ's
  • Go to parties
  • Get an amazing tan
  • Go abroad to some tropical country
  • etc...

However it was no surprise that my summer was nothing like this. I have a very family oriented family (if that makes sense). They want to do everything together. So my parents had already booked up about 4 out of the 6 weeks with activities or family visits. Then as usual, living in England, it was not the best summer. There was quite a lot of rain and wind and not much sun. So that put great tan off the list. Seeing friends was also quite difficult with my families tight schedule so that was pretty much ruled off the list as well. BBQ's are also quite hard to pull off in the rain however we did manage to pop a few in every now and then between the rainy spells. If you are not meeting up with friends then it is also difficult to get invited to parties so that was a no no. And I wouldn't even get me started about a summer romance, I mean what was I thinking. The only thing left on my list was to go abroad to a tropical country and that one was kind of successful. My nan happens to be turning 80 soon. So that gave my family an excuse for a holiday. So we packed up and went to Spain. Not that tropical I know, but still good enough for me.

So now it is 2 days before we go back to school and I cant believe the summer is pretty much over. Having completed only one thing on my 'Summer 2015' list I am disappointed with it. As always.
But you never know there is still another year.

Let me know if you ever experienced the same 'summer goals' ideas and then the same realistic summer that we have all come to know in the comments below. What was your summer like? and was it any better than mine?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I get this too! The first few weeks I find really exciting in the lead up to Christmas and New Year (I live in Australia, so we are preparing for Summer now), but then after that it gets really boring and my life just consists of watching TV and playing the Sims.
    Love your blog!
    Little Robin x

  2. Yeah I know what you mean, I have to admit that I did spend rather a lot of time distracted by snacks and Netflix. Whoops! But yay I am not the only one. Thanks for reading and I am glad you enjoyed it.

    So and so :)